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I bring up to two independent systems, each including two 400W speakers and two wireless mics. The primary one includes a large mixing board and video processing, and has in fact been used to mix small bands. The secondary one is mostly good for DJing and announcements, and is convenient for weddings when the ceremony and reception are in different locations.

If the event includes karaoke, I also bring a 19" monitor on a stand for lyrics, mic stands, 10 sets of song catalogs, slips and pens for song requests, and enough video outputs and cabling to connect to a number of different types of local video screens (It's generally better if the full room can see the lyrics, and in fact for small living rooms with large TVs I forgo the 19" monitor).


I'll need a roughly 5'x5' area for my main setup (though it need not be a completely clear area - I can fit quite easily into some tight spaces), a couple of small spaces for my speakers, and a power plug within 100'. If I'm also setting up my secondary system, that will require a similar amount of space. If the event involves karaoke, I'll need some space for the singers.

I've fit quite easily into a number of small living rooms, as well as large stages for corporate events.

If the event is outside, I'll need some sort of cover if rain is a possibility.


For most events, I'll be arriving roughly 2 hours prior to set up (On some occasions earlier if both systems need to be set up). An important thing to note here is that I would prefer to be set up by the beginning of the event, even if my equipment won't be used until later. I can frequently manage to set up in an hour, if that's all the time available, but in those cases I'll be right there with a cart of equipment waiting for the door to open.


I accept most standard forms of payment, and rarely require a deposit. Details can be discussed.

Contracts, Paperwork:

Normally I accept our discussion as a sufficient contract. However, I have a standard contract, should that be requested, and can also provide any needed proposals, invoices, and/or receipts.

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